Catering to a Gluten-Free Generation

Gluten-free diets have grown exponentially over the years. With Celiac Disease becoming a fast growing epidemic (or perhaps a previously un-diagnosed one), sufferers of this autoimmune digestive disorder are avoiding gluten-riddled foods in droves.

Apart from this digestive disorder, a gluten-free diet has also caught on with those who don’t suffer from the serious side effects and discomfort of Celiac Disease, but still wish to rid themselves of “wheat gut”. Whether that means they desire to lose weight, or wish to reduce the bloating that some might feel they acquire after ingesting wheat-based products, a gluten-free diet has become the diet of choice for many.

As your local catering company in Abbotsford, we provide many gluten-free options for our gluten-free audience, and fully understand and appreciate both sides to this ongoing health concern. We recognize this diet choice as one that is not a passing phase, but rather a lifestyle and alternate way of eating for many.

Understanding Gluten

Some might not fully understand what gluten is, but simply put – gluten is a protein found in wheat. It makes up the “elasticity substance” that helps the dough rise, and is a combination of gliadin (the bread-rising helper) and gluten (the protein found in wheat).

Understanding Gluten Intolerance & Sensitivity

Gluten intolerance is more commonplace than most would think, and holds different health concerns and side effects than Celiac Disease – in that, it is not an autoimmune digestive disorder. Those with gluten intolerance suffer from abdominal cramping and bloating after eating wheat or other foods containing gluten, and although a lot of individuals overlook it, some find this discomfort not worth the consumption of wheat products.

So whether you suffer from Celiac Disease or are gluten intolerant, Catering By Cheryl’s provides you with many food options for a variety of events such as:

Corporate Breakfast & Lunch Meetings
Seminars & Training Events
Funeral & Memorial Services
Family Get-Togethers
Open Houses & Gift Openings
Baby or Bridal Shower and more

Call us today and allow us to cater your next event with our many tasty, gluten-free menu options that all can enjoy!

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