Making A Meal Memorable

As a preferred Catering Company in Abbotsford, Catered by Cheryl’s knows the value of a good meal. Whether it’s comfort food for an upcoming memorial service, functional food for your corporate event, fashionable food for your baby or bridal shower …or a variety of finger food for your family get-together, we will have you “fed up” in the best way!

Dining on delicious food has been bringing people together since the dawn of man. There is just something about feasting with friends that brings a sense of togetherness and contentment.


With a motto that reads: FRESH, LOCAL, HOMEMADE …you know that your food is coming from a place of old-fashioned goodness. There is nothing out of date with an old fashioned, made-by-scratch meal …where the bread was allowed the time to rise to the occasion, or the soup the time to simmer to a liquefied perfection. Dining on a meal catered by Cheryl, is not a dine and dash experience, but rather – an event all unto itself.

At Catered by Cheryl’s, we feel that you truly can mix business with pleasure, so long as food is the pleasure by which your business is feasting upon.

Dietary Concerns Be Gone!

A lot of corporate events have employees concerned with dietary restrictions, and many are left unable to dine at the company event due to these restrictions. However, we are sensitive to such concerns, and provide many items that are gluten free and sugar free upon request …leaving no one unfed!

The Most Important Meal of the Day – We Have It!

As we have all heard, breakfast is the most important meal of the day …and we fully agree! That is why we offer a variety of breakfast choices. Why not start your next gathering with the most important meal of the day. Fuel your guests with sumptuous delights, and set the tone right from the start!

Dine on Desserts!

Kids and adults alike, love the idea of a treat – so why not make “the treat” the main meal? When it comes to hosting an event that provides fresh food, we feel regular meal-sequence rules do not apply. Besides, what is more memorable than dining on desserts? Whether it’s a child’s birthday, or a room full of suits …sweets are a great way to fuel the fun and get the party started!

As your Catering Specialist in Abbotsford, we look forward to making your next function a memorable one with our unforgettable cuisine. Call us today and let us know how we can craft our catering to meet your specific needs.

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