Sumptuously Sustainable

Catering to a sustainable community is something Catered by Cheryl’s can appreciate. Living in the Fraser Valley means that we are surrounded by local farmers and producers of many-a-thing. So purchasing from these local growers, and ensuring we keep our spending within our local community, is something we take personally …as we also provide this very same local service to others.

Sustainable eating is a way to keep your community thriving, and is an optimal approach to a healthy lifestyle also.

Most of what you will purchase from a major grocer, are foods that require mass labeling due to the various additives they require to stay on the shelves for an unknown amount of time.

However, sustainable eating means that your food will be…

  • Real food your body was designed to eat
  • Filled with healthy nutrients, picked at their prime
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Produced under humane conditions, often for the love of growing food
  • Financially invested in the community, paying wages to locals

Whether you have maintained a sustainable lifestyle for many years, or you are just beginning to embrace this way of life, Catered by Cheryl’s applauds you. We fully understand that time is limited in our busy schedules, so making choices that require you to visit various locations to acquire all that you need for the week, is something that requires both time and commitment.

To help you on your path – here are 3 tips for sustainable eating, and something we employ ourselves!

Cook It And They Will Come

Knowing how to cook “from scratch” is an art form we are proud to offer. When you are cooking with food grown locally, the preservatives are withheld and the taste is upheld. So learning to cook with fresh ingredients is task #1.

Dine At Local Eateries

Being a local business, we also aim to eat at local eateries. These local folks will greet you with charm, and feed you with food they likely had a hand in making. When you love what you do …it shows!

Eat For A Seasonal Setting

Catered by Cheryl’s knows the importance of “eating with the seasons”. Not only does it create a mood when you’re dining on food that is from the current season, it also provides you with the utmost freshness.

If you are looking to cater your next event with wholesome local foods made by scratch, give us a call!

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