The Benefits of Using a Catering Service

Whether you are looking to cater your corporate event in Abbotsford, or are seeking out catering for your next baby shower, bridal shower or wedding …we understand that choosing the right caterer is both a daunting, and option-laced endeavor.

The Benefits of Being Catered To

Hiring a catering service ensures that all your guests are fed. As much as you might use the “best guess” method when it comes to preparing food for an event, a catering company better understands the eating habits of the public, as can plan a menu to ensure there is enough to go around, leaving no one unfed.

Big or small, a professional event or a friends-and-family affair …Catered by Cheryl’s has the expertise to deliver a menu that will have your guests’ mouth watering, and leave their stomachs satisfied.

The “Aunt Betty” Theory

If your event is a smaller, more intimate affair, you may think that “Aunt Betty” can whip up some sandwiches and bake a cake that will serve the purpose, but the benefits of using a catering service are plenty, and well worth considering…

Time Spent vs. Value Received

Taking on the stressful endeavor of cooking and cleaning for any given event, is just one more thing to add to your to-do list. A catering company can offset your stresses by providing the preparation, the product, and the cleanup process. Well worth the time saved and stress alleviated!

Succulent Status

In addition, a professionally catered event can add credibility to your business, showing both professionalism and class in how you present your company, backed by well-fed clientele or staff!

Comfort in Catering

Delivering fresh food is just the start of our services. It is also enhanced by providing a memorable experience and hospitable service. Something “Aunt Betty” might not feel is important, and could potentially create a unwelcome scenario for your guests.

So whether you are looking to share some meaningful time with a small group of friends and family, or you are looking to display your professionalism by hosting an event that’s backed by a catering company who delivers quality in every regard …Catered by Cheryl’s is here to help!

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